Restore Future Elementary and Junior High school was established by a Liberian educator Miss. Baindu C.N. Taylor to cater for the less fortunate children.

It all began in 2002 when she fled the Rebel attack from Bomi, where she was assigned by the Government as Principal for the Samuel D. Hill Elementary School.


When Miss. Baindu C.N. Taylor returned to Monrovia she saw that many children in her community were roaming the streets not going to school and she decided to help them go to school. Most of those children at that time had already given up hope for the future because either their parents were dead or could not afford sending them to school. She encouraged parents and guardians to allow her tutor them because she wanted to prepare their minds for the future. Her doors was opened for the war weary and so on the first day, fourteen showed up for the tutorial class, which eventually gave birth to Restore Future Elementary School, now Junior High.

As the number grew larger, other teachers joined her in her effort to keep the Kids busy. As time went by, the parents/guardians as well as the kids themselves saw the need for her to now open an academic school. With so much passion and the desire to help the less fortunate, she agreed to allow her home to be used as the starting point. In 2005 October 28 the school was registered by the government of Liberia/ ministered of Education. Since then the school has been running though faced with so many challenges.

The Ebola crisis in 2014 brought untold suffering to people, especially the children. Most kids lost their parents. At our school we have eight orphan who lost their parents to the Ebola disease. 

Our concern is what can be done to help their kids acquire quality education and be better people in the society.

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Proposed Land

Our present location has insufficient space for more accommodation. We have no space for reading room, science lab, teachers’ lounge, computer lab, office and play ground. We have lease of building to transfer our students for better learning atmosphere. The school has acquired a parcel of land for our proposed school building. We are sending this S.O.S. appeal to God loving people philanthropists, churches or individuals to help our school in any way