Restore future school was started as a tutorial class by Miss. Baindu C.N.Taylor in 2003 when she returned from Bomi County where she had been assigned as Principal of Samuel D. Hills Public school.

While she was in Bomi, the last war of 2003 broke out and she was forced to flee back to Monrovia Montserrado County. No sooner had she returned when she noticed that many school going children were out of school.

Many parents blamed it on the war, yet, others complained of lack of job as well as the extreme hardship they were forced with. This troubled her for many days being so passionate of education and the future of Liberia children, she was moved with compassion to help these future leaders become enlighten through basic education.

To make this a reality, she went to every home she could reach – explaining to parents her desire to help their children Free – of – charge in a tutorial class, just to keep their mind on positive things instead of being occupied with nothing all day .

Few parents agreed and sent their children to the study class. After a period of observation by parents for the great level of improvement in their children, they began spreading the good tidings and encouraging their neighbours and others to also send their children to the study class. Weeks later, Miss. Taylor little porch could not contain the number of kids that were now part of the study class.

And having no choice, she opened more doors to accommodate more children. At that point, parents having realised what was happening at the study class and being pleased with the standard of teaching, they appealed to Miss. Taylor to start a regular school so that their children would continue there.

The appeal was accepted and the study class become a regular school in October 28, 2005 and was named Restore Future Elementary school. In conclusion, the Restore Future Elementary school was mainly started in an effort to “Help less fortunate children “ acquire an education. True to this is the fact that many orphans and other under- privileged children, year after years attend the school on a tuition free basis.